Ras Ngabo &                Iwacu rock reggae
Live band from Jah Planet

Take a Rwandan singer-songwriter , a Peter Tosh enthusiast , mix it up with a Moroccan drummer-percussionist , a Senegalese guitarist-producer , a pianist teacher from Biel  and a French-Swiss bassist-producer and you'll get a good original roots reggae , with African accents , and a Swiss precision !

The new Determination album by Ras Ngabo and Iwacu Rock Reggae is a pure treat for the ears of music lovers.
Think it over : It took them 3 years to craft songs and it shows !
So RESPECT ! we do not often see nowadays true original compositions , songs with more than two chords , which last more than 3 minutes ... and that sound !

In 2015 , the band started performing on world-reggae festivals in Switzerland (Monde Des Couleurs , Lakesplash , Plein les Watts) but we did not have much opportunity to see them on stage while they were preparing their album , but now, they are making their comeback with banging tracks !

Oh yes, by the way, Iwacu means "At home, where you feel good" in Kinyarwanda.

So come and relax while tasting their good homemade music !


Album 12 tracks - 2019